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I made a purchase in 2015 and i have been awaiting that refund of 50 dollars ever since. I dont understand how a company can just not return a customers money when they file bankruptcy. The said they would look into it and never heard back.

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I waited for 1 shirt for over almost 1 month. Three more days would have made it a month that I was waiting on this one shirt. This website is so *** and I wish I could sue them for everything they have. DONT spend your money here! So after contacting Karamloop multiple times I finally received my shirt. It came balled up in the packaging, basically. It had no return shipping information and when I opened it, it wasn't what I ordered. They tried... Read more

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Don't shop there, they have the worse customer service, they don't have a phone. I returned an item i bought and never got a refund. I used their online chat option because that's the only way to communicate with them or via email. And they couldn't confirm that the item was returned via their vendor. They wouldn't issue me refund based on that. I am not the only one who had issues like that with Karmaloop. I just gave up after a month. I lost... Read more

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  • Oct 01, 2015
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They never shipped my items I purchased online and it's been like 7 months. They won't answer back, do not use this trash website! They will not refund! Scam trash garbage company

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Placed an order in mid feburary, by April had not received it. After 7 emails to customer service and a long distance phone call and with still no answer, I decided to blast them on facebook. Same day I get an email with the information about their restructuring and how I would not be getting anything. Yet from that day on until even on the day I write this, they are STILL taking orders. I posted on their facebook wall today about it, and they... Read more

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I placed an order with Karmaloop mid-March, having only had positive experiences with the online shop in the past. After a couple weeks having not heard if my order shipped, I emailed them asking if everything was alright on their end. I then received a generic email telling me that they are going through "restructuring" (bankruptcy) and "cannot fulfill my order" (going to keep the $50 they charged me). I emailed them asking when my refund would... Read more

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I agreed! if they knew they were filing bankruptcy why would they continue to take orders and charging people money that they kept. It is FRAUD!!! This has happened to me as well saying they have cancelled all orders made before March 18, 2015. However, they did not refund the money they so quickly collected without delivering the products. To add to the insult they are continuing to take order saying they will full fill all order made after... Read more

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I placed an order that was not fulfilled. Karmaloop replied that they would not fulfil the order and that they could not refund the order due to restructuring. They should not have taken my order (and my money) if they knew they were entering bankruptcy. This is fraud. Read more

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Filled bankruptcy and stopped my items from coming that I already paid for them sent a message to my spam explaining I have to go to a website to submit a claim that does'nt say for sure I'll be refunded. Pissed!

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They have the audacity to pretend like they aren't going out of business while still taking peoples money with no intentions of shipping the product. They don't ship the product becuase they had all the brands doing it themselves. When the brands weren't getting paid for the product Karmaloop was "buying" from them the brands stopped shipping. So, if you order from them you WILL NOT receive your product. The messed up thing is the only way to... Read more

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