Karmaloop only highers people who are 20 to 30 years of age.They dont higher mexicans and hispanics.

On top of that there products are made in sweat shops, but they wont tell you that. Several of my friends order stuff from them and got back tees that were of cheap quality, when we tried to send them back they emailed us stating that there was no return on this particular product. One of my friends ordered a pair of sneakers and he got a pair that were cheaper then US Polo when it came to quality. He tried to return them and waited almost a month before he got a response, which was you must wait 30 days for a return on your credit card.

So technicaly it took 60 days for the issue to be resolved. I think that they higher non experiense customer service agents so that they dont have to pay a good salary for some real customer service agents. Lets face it this company doesnt think about there consumers, and there own people.

We will be spreading the word around through out NYC,IL,and Boston.People must know what they are getting themselves into when dealing with this company.


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I am with you on the spelling part.People arent spelling words correct.

However I still wont go back to shopping at Karmaloop. If you change anything, fire the chineese girl.

Why?well who else could be selling the cc info to china?


OMG I met that chinnese chick and your right she does need a nose bleed.She would not survive in NYC 1 second.

Maybe thats why she is here. Plus they sent me some product that looked like it came from some sweat shop in china.

I swear the label had a pic of that chineese girls father on the label.lmao


Hay Tuna maybe if you gave satan a job your compeeany wouldnt have all these issues.


I like the clothes and all, but the service is, well not good.


BLAIZE your an ***. This isnt about spelling, its about your company and fraud. Pay attention.


Hay lauren Thats nice and all but I sent it back and got it back the same way. Maybe shop next year at your store. For now I am all set.


Got this girl that works there and she said that they have no organization.Maybe this is why information is been stolen.

She also said that they check peoples credit when applying for a job. That makes no sense since the economy is bad. What kind of company judges people on credit history when the economy is bad. truly A screwed up company.

My friend is right and she is already looking for a new job.Good for her.


Hay Kostos is the real ***. He should of took a chance on experience,and tell the person who makes the final decision to get another job.

*** ***.


Hay Satan, your mom didnt get the job either. I guess she is a *** too.


First of all Ive been to your business in Boston, and everyone there is dress the same.

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