how in the world do they get away with such trash.These people dont care about the consumer.

Where do they get there clothes? Cina. cheap ***. isnt worth paying to price.

Better off at Marshalls. At least there you can get a gucci shirt for the same price. sneakers are *** and cheap. T shirts are iregular.

They sell there products by having people wear them in there videos. They also have there employees wear there clothes. If you dont there is a chance that they wont have a job........

DEAN.There all college kids god forbid they higher someone with real people skills.


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I have never ordered from this company, but still managed credit card fraud against me. This required me to close my credit card account and reorder new cards. Stay away from this company and any unfamiliar websites.


Credit card fraud just happened with my mom.The thing is she's never ordered anything from Karmaloop but it showed up when she checked with the bank when she had to get a new credit card.

So her information probably got passed around.

She's ordered from Aliexpress before (although I also warned her about that site) so that might be the circle.Just be careful everyone.


Just tried ordering from Karmaloop and Visa put a hold on my account.They stated my card had been compromised.

I wished I would have looked here first!Now I have to reorder cards right before Christmas!


Like many others here, I too had my credit card information stolen back in early 2010 a few weeks after ordering from Karmaloop (it was a brand new credit card, and the Karmaloop order was my first purchase with it, so it is impossible that another company was responsible).I have never ordered anything from them since, and it is sad that they apparently still have yet to resolve this serious problem within their own ranks.

But I guess that`s what happens when you market yourself as a "street" company and are in business with companies like Artful Dodger and Crooks & Castles.

You are all thugs in my eyes.

As an aside, some of the garments I ordered turned out to be either too small (I strictly wear XL, and some of the pieces were sized like mediums), or lost their colors after only 2-3 washes.Just because the clothes look great on the site doesn`t mean that they will be durable, high-quality items for your own personal usage.


Credit card fraud is an on going issue with this company. Be very carefull when ordering.


I just got scammed after ordering some items from Karmaloop online.One of their employees is definitely selling people's credit card info, and they really need to look into this since this doesn't seem to be a new complaint....

As far as their products, I'm totally satisfied with my order.I just wouldn't risk purchasing online with them again.


you guys are all idiots, it sounds like you are all going to karmaloop for the wrong reasons.Anytime you buy anything online you are taking a risk.

I have never had any problems with karmaloop, and everytime I have ordered something, it has actually arrived QUICKER than expected. As for the quality of their products, they have nothing to do with who actually manufactures them.

They are basically just a distributor.You all need to get unplug your tampons and stop crying.


someone is really hurting you guys. So get your head out the hole and do some highering.


You know who? I need a job say 16 an hour.


My boyfriend wanted me to order something from this company, but once I showed him this sight, he said not to take a chance. How could all these people be wrong. It be hard for me to believe otherwise.

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