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So... I order $80 dollars of merchandised.

Im surprised I got to talk to a actual person through email which doesn't mean nothing than talking through phone when they have no complete number that works.. The lady told me sorry the product you ordered was out of stock but there's options "I can give you a full refund or credit with our site on your next order" and im like is this lady crazy. I told her "I would love to an want to have my full refund on my darn purchase! I use to always order from KARMALOOP an this is my first complaint an best believe I would never order from them again!

So no I wouldn't want no credit back on a next purchase because there wouldn't be one! Long ago younger day I ordered from KARMALOOP an got my card scammed! Years later made orders no problem with receiving them until now! So to resolve the situation the lady said we'll give you your full refund took me to a page that didn't look like there confirm page to select full return on money or credit, clicked full refund then lady said ok it'll take 2-3 buisness days then said it'll take 2-5 business days.

An I gave them 10 days still no refund so I was pissed like every one of you guys. But I got my money back. I called my bank told them the situation an I kept all the email for proof an told them I need to reverse that payment because its been that I gave them 10 buisness days an have gotten nothing!

So all I can tell all you pisssed customer is call your bank tell them the issue an if you have emails still keep them for proof an have them reverse the payment because I bank with Bank of America told them everything an they reversed the payment an I had my money back in my account the next day. Sadly from the bank not KARMALOOP because they can't do there job but take your money an not refund you!


Reason of review: Bad quality.

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The same exact thing happened to me. I am exploring legal options with an attorney as to save other people from going through this.

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