I placed an order with Karmaloop mid-March, having only had positive experiences with the online shop in the past. After a couple weeks having not heard if my order shipped, I emailed them asking if everything was alright on their end.

I then received a generic email telling me that they are going through "restructuring" (bankruptcy) and "cannot fulfill my order" (going to keep the $50 they charged me). I emailed them asking when my refund would come back, to which they never responded (ie it's never coming back). As a broke college student who really just needed to buy some new shoes, I feel pretty horrible about having spent $50 and having absolutely nothing to show for it. They were well aware that they could not fulfill the orders they were accepting but decided to charge people anyway.

That's, you know, illegal, guys.

You've probably already been ripped off if you're on this page but on the off chance you came here to decide whether you should shop at Karmaloop or not...well, uh, don't. I'm gonna go back to shopping in actual stores now because at least if I get robbed there I'll have a cool story.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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